How It Works

How it Works: Our Rewards and Corporate Incentives Program is very simple and has been successfully helping corporations build loyalty and cultivate the personal relationships necessary to generate sales from your most valued clients and producers.

Prior to your campaign, a rewards consultant will hold an in depth session with you to learn about your program and understand your target audience. Once a clear understanding of your rewards program is obtained, we begin to prepare a customized list of suggested bucket list experiences and sports memorabilia that have a successful track record in your area. These packages are matched to the demographics of your award recipients.  Accordingly at that time, we will mutually agree on the appropriate number of bucket list experiences and items for your rewards program along with their price. Only after a reward is given out to your program participants will your organization be responsible for the cost of the package. There is nothing to buy unless your reward is given out! There are no other fees charged for items that are given out during your program.

Within a week of your campaign ending, you will receive all reward documentation via UPS or email. Once your program has passed, you and your reward consultant will discuss your campaign. The program is risk free to you and the results speak for themselves.

To learn more about our programs and what new and exciting items we have to offer, please contact a representative!

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