Program Guidelines

  • Select the destinations your organization wishes to offer at your event. Choose from the packages we’ve assembled, or we’ll be happy to work with you to customize trips (including length of stay, upgrading of hotel accommodations and class of air travel). Please let us know what trips you decide to offer (with trip numbers) prior to promoting them so we can notify you of any changes that may have taken place including participating hotels. Since there are no financial obligations up front, the more destinations you include in your auctions, the more money your organization can make.
  • When publicizing the auction items, simply copy the descriptions from this catalog for your promotional literature. Remember to include all terms and conditions provided. We can supply graphic images for your selections. BlueTree Marketing Corp. assumes no responsibility for omissions or incorrect information provided to your donors or attendees.
  • We recommend your minimum bid be anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars above your cost, depending on the price and value of the package.
    No advance payment is required. Your organization is not expected to pay for the trips you select until your auction is complete and you have the successful bids in hand. Because no money is exchanged up front, no advance paperwork is necessary.
  • At your event, we suggest you provide written confirmation verifying the item each successful bidder receives, including the description and terms and conditions. Collect payment at that time. We can provide you with a sample letter for use at your event.
  • Following your event, complete an order form and send it to us by email or fax. BlueTree Marketing will provide you with an invoice via email within 24 hours. The price your organization pays is the cost listed in our catalog of destinations. Our prices are guaranteed 30 days before your event and for 30 days after your event. Checks and credit cards are accepted. If your organization decides to pay for our trips by credit card, a 3% fee is charged to cover our credit card processing fees. There are no refunds once packages are purchased. BlueTree Marketing assumes no responsibility for lost certificates.
  • Your order will be fulfilled following receipt of payment. Please allow 10 business days to receive your package via FedEx. Instructions for booking are printed on the certificates/awards your successful bidders will receive. At your direction BlueTree Marketing will ship all packages to your organization or if requested we will ship directly to your winning bidders.
  • All certificates and gift cards are valuable and must be treated like cash. When shipping, please be sure to ship them securely. They cannot be replaced.
    Remember, when you distribute the travel packages to your donors, you have a fantastic opportunity to interact with them. Take advantage of it. It’s a perfect time to solidify relationships with your best supporters.
  • Occasionally, a hotel or resort listed in the Destinations of Excellence program may be subject to change. Should that occur, BlueTree Marketing will do its best to find a comparable property in a similar location.
  • Airline prices are based on flights originating in the Continental US. For flights originating elsewhere, contact BlueTree Marketing for information and pricing.